Hosts Jonathan Cook and Bryan Jenkins welcome Lily Liu and Jimmy Quintana. Lily is the Co-founder of Pinata, and Jimmy is the account executive.



Episode Highlights: 


  • Pinata is a rent reward platform designed for renters and property management companies in mind. 
  • One of the best features of Pinata is the real-tangible rewards that renters get.
  • In addition to that, Pinata has recently started reporting red payments to credit bearers.
  • Jonathan shares, he always stays a step ahead when it comes to positively speaking about Pinata.
  • Those of you who don’t know Pinata has really grown as a company in the last few years. 
  • Lily talks about Rent Rewards - When a user notifies that rent has been paid on time every month, Pinata gives them a series of rewards. The renters are the end-users of the application.
  • When a new tenant sign-up they also get rewarded. The rewards range from $25 to $30 gift cards. 
  • Renters also get Pinata Cash – an in-app currency that renters can use in the reward center. 
  • Pinata’s product team is always looking to introduce fun and delight in the app, so that it becomes user friendly. 
  • Bryan points out that the concept of Pinata is refreshing. The app is easy to implement and user-friendly.
  • Jonathan and Bryan are currently working on the tenant benefit programs. 
  • Not just tenants, Pinata also has programs to benefit homeowners.
  • Lily lists the top three unique, customizable rewards.
  • Renter lease signing, replacing air-filters, snapping a photo of the property, maintaining the lawn are some of the customizable rewards that Pinata offers to its users.  
  • Initially, Pinata started with the single-family space, but this year Lily’s target is to get to the multi-family space as well.
  • Jonathan talks about the geographical spread of Pinata in the US. 
  • Lily points out that “There is no area in the US that Pinata doesn’t cater to.”
  • Jimmy explains, “The beauty of the system is - it not only rewards the tenants, but it also brands Pinata and rewards the homeowners. “
  • As a final note, Jonathan shares that he has not come across any other company like Pinata. It is such a stepping-stone about what anybody else is offering.
  • Jonathan and Bryan joke that they are not getting any Pinata cash for promoting the company. 
  • What Pinata offers is unique, and one can earn rewards following some simple steps. 



3 Key Points:


  1. Jonathan Cook and Bryan Jenkins talk about the trajectory of Pinata and how positively the company has grown over the years.
  2. Lily explains in detail about “Rent Rewards”, as it does not exist anywhere else in the market as a class of service.
  3. Lily talks about “How easy it is for tenants to sign-up for Pinata?”




Tweetable Quotes:


  • “Pinata is focused on creating stickiness not only with the tenants but also with home-owners.” - Jimmy Quintana
  • “Pinata’s app is not only intuitive, but it is also fun for the users” - Lily Liu
  • “Pinta’s app is technology-enabled and cutting-edge; signing-up is really easy.” - Jimmy Quintana
  • “Pinata benefits all parties involved bet it homeowners, tenants or the brand itself.” - Jimmy Quintana




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