In Episode 27 of the Profitable Powerhouse Properties Podcast, Jonathan Cook and Bryan Jenkins welcome guest Seth Kelly from Blue Ink. They talk about the many benefits of electronic signatures, why you should choose Blue Ink, and more. Learn about their security features and all the ways e-signatures can help your business.


Episode Highlights:


  • Blue Ink is an electronic signature provider that is more secure than other comparable software.
  • Seth used to be a property manager.
  • In the first demo of the software Seth saw, it had an avatar reading the contract to you as you signed the document, and it impressed him so much he was sold immediately.
  • During the pandemic, electronic signatures are especially useful as a means of reducing in-person meetings.
  • Some people who are less comfortable with technology have been hesitant about e-signatures because of their fear of fraud.
  • Jonathan and Bryan see it as a customer service issue with clients and making them happy and comfortable, but fewer and fewer people are requesting hard copy signatures.
  • Blue Ink is just as secure as email or online shopping, if not more so.
  • For investors whose entire full time job is buying and selling homes, especially investors who buy property online, e-signatures are crucial. 
  • Using e-signatures saves a lot of time and money by eliminating the need to mail documents back and forth.
  • Other use cases for e-signatures that Blue Ink has seen are human resources, employee onboarding and education.
  • Blue Ink offers greater cost savings and better customer support than any of the big box competitors out there.
  • Blue Ink allows you to create templates out of your regular documents.
  • Blue Ink has an incredible and responsive support team, with an average response time of less than 3 minutes.
  • When someone signs a document, Blue Ink captures the IP address and geolocation, plus senders have the option of adding up to 3 additional layers of security and verification.
  • Additional verification includes a two-factor authentication PIN, a selfie, and uploading your photo ID.
  • In the UK, documents of transference no longer require notarized signatures but will accept electronic signatures. 
  • The audio narration of the documents on Blue Ink can be set up in any language you need—a university in Toronto uses it for their international student housing complexes.
  • On an annual basis, Blue Ink does 7 figures worth of signings, with their biggest month being around 320,000 signings.
  • They’ve seen 250% growth average year over year.
  • Blue Ink considers it their goal to make electronic signatures as accessible as email.


3 Key Points:

  1. Electronic signatures are safe and secure and pose very low risk of fraud.
  2. E-signatures can benefit many different industries, not just real estate.
  3. Electronic signatures should be an accessible technology just as common as email.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Electronic signatures really should be a bulletproof opportunity to execute documents, contracts, agreements.” –Seth Kelly
  • “The power of Blue Ink, and the intention, is to create a notary process that’s done electronically, that’s even more capable and more error-proof because it’s not human.” –Seth Kelly
  • “Electronic signatures should be like email… We really have embraced that concept. We don’t think that use of electronic signatures should be so prohibitive that you can’t take advantage of that key benefit.” –Seth Kelly
  • “Clients want that ease of use. They don’t want to come into your office to sign a document, wait for the mail, or any of that.” –Bryan Jenkins


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