Why we do what we do and the Triple Win!

In today’s episode, it is just the hosts Jonathan Cook and Bryan Jenkins. Today they go back to the basics – “The concept we work with daily basis, why they matter, why we do what we do?”


Episode Highlights: 


  • Jonathan says, “Recently, we worked with many industrialists and presentations during consulting with several people. But the thing we both keep bringing up, and we have a lot recently, is the Triple Win Philosophy.”
  • Bryan says if we discuss tenants and landlords, it is important to create stickiness to keep tenants to stay longer.
  • He also talks about creating an environment where the owner wants to take a longer period for a triple win policy. Herein all three client, resident, and property management companies are getting benefited. 
  • Bryan talks about the 450 work orders that his company manages.
  • Jonathan talks about their team members and how capable they are in staying top of class.
  • When talking about his company (AHI Properties), Jonathan says it is very solid. 
  • “Our team is incredible when we look at every aspect of it.” says Jonathan.
  • Jonathan points out if investor adopts the philosophy of triple win, it will help them to meet their expectations and answer “Why are we doing this?”
  • Jonathan answers, “What happens when someone places a tenant in an overpriced home?”
  • Bryan says, “If a property is overpriced, a well-qualified candidate is not going to apply for it.”
  • Jonathan and Bryan give specific examples on the importance of adhering to the triple win philosophies.
  • Jonathan gives details about the resident benefit packages that AHI offers. 
  • A good tenant is no longer looking for a house; now, tenants are just looking for a house in a general area that gives good value. 
  • Bryan talks about the idea of all three-party wins. He also says that AHI has always been fair to its customers.
  • Jonathan talks about the reason why tenants get angry when rent is increased. 
  • Good tenants are better profit; they make more money for homeowners. Jonathan calculates the value of a good quality tenant.
  • If you are an average investor, a tenant pays for the property, and for a month or two, everything looks great. 
  • The tenants sign the lease, but they sight monetary problems after a month because of security deposits and other expenses. According to Jonathan, this does make sense.
  • Jonathan and Bryan discuss the stories that tenants tells for late payment of rent.
  • Jonathan and Bryan talk about the bad management side of the business for late or irregular payment of rents.
  • Bryan talks about the reasonable benefits between owners, tenants, and property managers.
  • There are many things that is not someone’s job, but still one can do it if it is not a lot.
  • Bryan talks about the difference between a proactive and a reactive manager.
  • Bryan says the answer to “Why we do, what we do?” is because we love what we do.



3 Key Points:


  1. Jonathan and Bryan discuss the triple win philosophies. It is as if someone is looking at a new procedure or rolling out a new system to create stickiness to keep tenants staying for a longer period. When it comes to triple win philosophies, the client, resident, and property management company all gets the benefit.
  2. Jonathan talks about the resident benefit package and what it does to the homeowner.
  3. Jonathan gives insights on “Why we do, what we do?” As per Bryan, it has always been a focus on maximizing long-term benefits for the clients.



Tweetable Quotes:


  • “If we use the triple win philosophy to measure what we are doing, we will be more successful.” - Bryan Jenkins
  • “If a property is overpriced, a well-qualified candidate is not going to apply for it.” - Bryan Jenkins
  • “Our team is incredible when we look at every aspect of it.” - Jonathan Cook
  • “A good tenant definitely matters.” - Bryan Jenkins
  • “If you are reasonable with a resident, the resident is going to be reasonable with you.” - Bryan Jenkins



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